Friday, January 14, 2011

The Last Bouquet, Window Installation

The Last Bouquet is a window installation at the Tapp's building in Columbia. Located at the corner of Main Street and Blanding Street, the old department store will hopefully become a permanent arts building. In the meantime, Brenda Schwarz Miller (who took most of the moving images for this video) is spear-heading monthly art openings and coordinating the window installations. Her daughter Syna graciously helped with the artificial flowers.

The artwork includes a piece from my "Angels in Mourning" series called "A Bud on Earth", two large curtain panels covered in crayon grave rubbings, chiffon banners with free motion machine embroidered epitaphs, and eight garbage bags of artificial flowers collected from cemetery dumpsters. The window is on display 24/7 from January 1 - February 28, 2011!


Lynn said...

loved the movie...hope you paid your little assistant well with an ice cream cone at least. She did such a good job! Delightful! Thanks. Oh, and your window in total is awesome!

Wanda said... eerily perfect, the little girl spreading the flowers. It is sort of like she is part of the display. It's a beautiful display by the way. Really moving, meaningful, and bright. Lots of things going on there.