Sunday, July 29, 2007

Earth Moods

Does the Earth feel angry when man drills for oil? Are rainbow the way our planet smiles? Does the Earth have moods?

I was drawn to this 1925 poetry book by Hervey Allen entitled Earth Moods. I wondered about tornados and tsunamis, tidal waves and droughts. I wondered, “Is these the manifestations of the Earth’s moods?” By altering the volume, I explored the idea that our celestial sphere is a living, ever-changing organism, alive even as it is inert, fragile but fully capable to erupt in earthquakes and blow off steam through geysers. The pages combine the original poetry text with images, facts, and elementary school questions. Data include statistics on the Earth’s size, shape, geological formations, weather phenomena, erosion projections, information on plate tectonics, and measurements of the highest mountains and the longest rivers as well as other interesting numbers. My wish is that viewers contemplate human emotions when facing ecological issues.


Margaret F. said...

Very nice work! I have looked at several of your ABs, and wish I could peruse them in more detail.
Margaret F.

Sandy said...

I really like this book. I think it is really thought provoking, as well as visually exciting.
Sandy in the UK

adhdknitting said...

Your work is unique, original and very refreshing.